Milan A. Kothary


He is responsible for all aspects of investment, including mapping the mindset of quality investors on a sector-agnostic platform.

Over the years the client list includes top investors such as Jaydev Mody, Aamir Khan, Maharaj Gaj Singh of Jodhpur, MN Tech Park, Mantri Developers, Surat Special Economic Zone (SURSEZ) and Patni group among others.

He is also Promoter-Director of Ganu Corpus Advisory Private Limited (GCAPL), the Investment Manager for the CORRE Fund (Commercial and Opportunistic Real Estate Fund), which is in the process of being established.

INTERAA is a founding advisor-partner in the INDIA FUTURES (IF) FUND in Singapore which trades the SGX Nifty. Clients of IF include several international NRI groups and family offices.

INTERAA is a venture partner for VCATs, India’s first incubator at the start-up level as well as the Fund (9 Unicorns) level.

INTERAA is the S.E. Asia distribution partner for Asset Vantage for their wealth management product for use by HNIs and family offices.

Milan is an engineer and an MBA from UCLA USA, and he puts together solutions.

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